Jae Nichelle

June 18, 2017

Children don’t play outside no more leads to daughters don’t help in the kitchen no more and I drop rice on the carpet but kick it towards my cousin so it looks like she did it Football basketball betting[…]

Sheena Raza Faisal

May 21, 2017

a fidgeting rectangle, the smell of carpet softened by massaging feet. there are few
places in this world my body is safe. the edge of a rug. the sharp line of a grave. […]

Keno Evol

April 9, 2017

the pigs busted my skull in / says her fiancé / in the 80’s / apparently Minneapolis was worse / or un-filmed / […]

Taylor Johnson

March 19, 2017

There is much to do. The room is red
because we are indecent. The light gives
me up. I’ve made myself at home: I sit on your porch, […]

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