Aziza Barnes

March 27, 2016

Aziza Barnes is blk & alive. Born in Los Angeles, Aziza currently lives in Oxford, Mississippi. Her first chapbook, me Aunt Jemima and the nailgun, was the first winner of the Exploding Pinecone Prize and […]

Peter Mason

March 20, 2016

New work by Peter Mason plus a conversation between Peter and Phillip B. Williams. […]

Erika L. Sanchez

February 28, 2016

Erika L. Sánchez?is a poet, essayist, and fiction writer. She is the author of poetry collection?Lessons on Expulsion?(Graywolf 2017) and?the young adult novel?Brown Girl Problems?(Knopf 2017). Her poetry ?has been published in?Guernica,?diode,?Boston Review,?POETRY?Magazine.?She has also […]

Alison C. Rollins

February 21, 2016

Venus Hottentot in a convex mirror
an interior coagulation of disembodiment.

They say that men are more visual & it
is true I can’t see myself from behind.

Can’t curate the archives of these cave walls
paintings drawn with moist fingers and firm hands. […]

Saddiq Dzukogi

February 14, 2016

New work by Saddiq Dzukogi plus an interview with Phillip B. Williams
I have been there
as you were last night
at the beach to see
if the sea has returned
our footprints […]

Emily Skaja

February 7, 2016

Poems by Emily Skaja plus an interview with Emily by Phillip B. Williams […]

Keith Leonard

January 24, 2016

Poems by Keith Leonard and a conversation between Keith and Phillip B. Williams. […]

Emilia Phillips

January 17, 2016

Poetry of Emilia Phillips and a conversation between Phillip B. Williams and Emilia. […]

Lisa Ampleman

January 10, 2016

A selection of sonnets in the voice of Courtney Love by Lisa Ampleman and a conversation between Lisa and Phillip B. Williams. […]

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