Hiwot Adilow

September 9, 2018

New work by Hiwot Adilow plus a conversation between Hiwot and Phillip B. Williams […]

Lynn Melnick

January 14, 2018

A poem from Landscape with Sex and Violence and an interview with Lynn Melnick. […]

Danez Smith

September 4, 2017

New work by Danez Smith plus a conversation between Danez and Phillip B. Williams […]

Donte Collins

January 1, 2017

New work by Donte Collins plus a conversation between Donte and Phillip B. Williams […]

Casey Thayer

May 29, 2016

New work plus an interview with Phillip B. Williams
bullet: what thunder, teeth / in the threat, / blade in the sheath, / blood-letter bought / over the counter as easy as aspirin, an Oxy, / to take into the body, / what the deed / leaves, a hand that reaches / across the field’s divide, / snake coiled in the warren, / mole mazing the loam, / what the body carries, / what’s left / of the fire, […]

Aziza Barnes

March 27, 2016

Aziza Barnes is blk & alive. Born in Los Angeles, Aziza currently lives in Oxford, Mississippi. Her first chapbook, me Aunt Jemima and the nailgun, was the first winner of the Exploding Pinecone Prize and […]

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