Audrey Zhao

September 28, 2016

They say I need to
hold a man
with strength but also
delicateness. […]

Leeya Mehta

September 28, 2016

The child kicks off her sandals,
breathing in the wild summer.

Hot cobblestones beneath her smarting feet,
she races into the empty plaza […]

Tyler Tsay

September 28, 2016

what i once said, what i never meant

an entire night
bursting with skeletons […]

Megan Spiegel

September 22, 2016

Nothing in the herbarium compares to these tendrils collapsed over intertidal rock. […]

Nancy Huang

September 22, 2016

My ancestors are buried in our backyard and my mother says it is comforting to have them all in one place, but it is more of a burden to me. I am a girl with bones made for war […]

Amie Zimmerman

September 22, 2016

that it wasn’t him, it was her. She was a cavern.
I think sometimes I wish
your tongue could sneak
like crocus, the base buried in indigo,
tip flushed purple on the tiniest of stems. […]

Samuel Ace

September 18, 2016

His face the rock cliff His face the rock cliff   a place of views   his face a shelter   a barn   a loyal brother full of lips   his face in aging   a mirror and a protest […]

Nikia Chaney

September 14, 2016

something kind
of kinky
about the next
draft. the mark. the coming

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